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Practical declaration and report preparation course

Tax returns and reports filing has always been and will always be relevant. Most of us simply don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to learn how to present them. If we note the frequent changes to the Tax Code, the importance of being a tax specialist becomes even clearer.

“Practical declaration and report preparation” course is designed for those who want to acquire knowledge and skills in this field. After completing this course, you will be able to prepare easily and submit the following returns:

  • Declaration (report) of tax, compulsory state social insurance, unemployment insurance, compulsory health insurance fees deducted at source related to wage employment – Unified declaration;
  • Simplified tax declarations;
  • Declarations on taxes deducted at source (TDS);
  • Income tax declaration;
  • Income tax declaration, annexes to it;
  • VAT declaration;
  • Declarations on land, property, mining taxes;
  • Others.

In the course, you will also learn how to use the “Declaration Compilation Program” (BTP), and compile and send a statistical report.

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We will provide supporting files and tables and advise graduates for 3 months on questions arising in the work process related to declarations.

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Theoretical and practical training on value-added tax

What will you learn?

  • Value added tax concept, payers, taxation object, registration, registration cancellation;
  • Determining the transactions’ value for which VAT will be calculated, specifying turnover;
  • VAT benefits, exemptions, transactions with “0” rate;
  • taxable transaction time, transaction place;
  • determining a non-resident VAT taxable transaction’s time and value;
  • transactions taxation on the agent;
  • VAT compensation, refund of excess VAT;
  • declaration compilation;
  • Uploading the offset VAT amount to the EFP software.

The training is intended for accountants, assistant accountants, students, and those who want to take part in exams related to recruitment to the State Tax Service.

You can watch the training’s short video clip here.

Specialists with knowledge and skills in value-added tax calculation, VAT declaration are always in high demand. Most graduates build successful careers and employers respect them.

Theoretical and practical training on income tax and declaration

Who is the course useful for?

  • chief accountants – to be aware of changes, new requirements;
  • deputy chief accountants who want to improve their knowledge and skills;
  • tax accountants – finding answers to questions arising in the work process to reduce tax risks;
  • accountants who have had a certain break in their activity – to update knowledge and work without errors;
  • students; those who are preparing for exams for recruitment to state tax service agencies.

What questions will you find answers to in the training process?

  • who pays the profit tax;
  • who does not pay taxes;
  • what is income, expenses, how the tax amount is calculated;
  • determination date of income and expenses;
  • tax rate, advance payments;
  • accounting for income, expenses and profit (loss):
  • reporting period, tax declaration;
  • innovations in the tax declaration in 2022, etc.

You can view the full course program from the link below or download it to your computer.

Theoretical and practical training participants on income tax and declaration are provided with training materials on each topic.

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