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What are assurance services in the audit?

Assurance services are audit activities that provide an independent, objective assessment of compliance of financial statements with regulatory requirements and are carried out to increase the information reliability used during decision-making. The goal is to assure the management and regulatory agencies of the financial statements’ correctness and operations under the rules. Reliability assurance is determined during the audit. Audit companies in Azerbaijan or independent auditors offer a wide range of such services.

How do we perform audit services?

  • Welcoming you to our office located in a comfortable place and inviting you to tea in pear glass;
  • Discussing and agreeing on the terms and concluding an agreement;
  • Execution of those dependent on us under the contract, provision of quality services;
  • Delivering a work report to the client, preparing an audit opinion;
  • Not requesting additional fees over the agreed price, making no excuses.

Audit companies in Baku can offer you different prices. “” consulting company’s prices for audit services in Azerbaijan are affordable and open to discussion. Prices are individual for each order, based on the work’s volume and duration.

Enterprises can conduct voluntary or mandatory audits. The enterprise’s management conducts the voluntary audit, and the mandatory audit follows the Azerbaijani legislation’s requirements.

“”, a reliable consulting partner in the market of auditor services in Baku, offers you the following audit services.

  • accounting audit;
  • tax audit;
  • audit of personnel documents.

Our main purpose is:

  • creating a reliable accounting system;
  • establishment of management mechanisms;
  • establishing relations with tax authorities.

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Nature of audit services offered

Audit companies in Baku can offer you different prices. We can audit accounting, tax, and personnel documents in the enterprise, taking into account the specific requirements and wishes of the client. “” provides oral and written advice on all aspects of tax and accounting legislation, along with assurance services that increase confidence in the integrity of data and financial statements. During the accounting audit:

  • accounting records and primary documents’ completeness is examined;
  • their formation’s correctness is checked;
  • financial statement data’s reliability is checked;
  • all results are comprehensively reflected in the audit report.

 Our auditors also check accounting (financial) reports based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and prepare the necessary auditor opinion confirming compliance.

The complex audit of accounting carried out by “” also serves as a basis for determining and eliminating tax risks by checking the calculation of the tax base and the correctness of filling out declarations.

A tax audit is necessary in the following cases:

  • the enterprise changes its type of activity or is reorganized;
  • the enterprise changes its management, including the chief accountant;
  • the enterprise combines tax regimes;
  • when looking for ways to optimize accounting;
  • when checking to account, eliminating tax risks if necessary;
  • relevant institutions make frequent requests or plan an inspection;
  • in the process of preparing tax audits.

The frequency of conducting tax audits depends on the enterprise’s internal control system, accounting and tax specialists’ professionalism, document circulation, and changes in legislation. If there is a “weak clause” in one of them, a tax accounting audit will help prevent negative effects.

Irregular personnel documents mean lawsuits with employees, fines, and various sanctions by regulatory agencies (labor inspectors, tax authorities, others).

“Accounting.Az”, which has a unique place among the audit companies in Azerbaijan, at an affordable price:

  • will perform an audit of personnel documents
  • will check the compliance of the personnel office with the current legislation and the company’s internal requirements;
  • will describe the full picture of the personnel documents’ status;
  • will protect you from fines and sanctions, and prevent financial losses.

Our professional experts will audit personnel documents, give practical advice for eliminating detected violations, solving problems, and reducing risks.

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Our advantages

There are enough independent auditors and audit companies in Baku.

Why us?


  • Thanks to extensive experience in auditing, consulting, tax disputes, preparation of articles and seminars, our auditors are always aware of the latest changes in legislation;
  • The audit of personnel documents is aimed at finding problems and solutions. Our opinion will consist of specific advice aimed at optimal elimination of identified problems;
  • Auditor will advise you, help you make the necessary corrections in time, and answer your questions.

At the end of the audit, the client receives an audit report:

  • intended for all users of reports;
  • containing a professional opinion on the reliability of accounting (financial) reports;
  • is an official document.

By communicating with us, you can:

  • confirm the favorable price;
  • consider individual wishes;
  • get our advantages.

How can we help you?

We provide:

  • A complex audit service;
  • Assurance services with analytical evaluation’s regular review of financial processes, financial statements, verification of balance items:
  • Independent, objective information about the facts to ensure comfort level by reducing information risks.

Go to our “Contact” page; we will discuss your problems and establish the basis of cooperation on favorable terms for each of us.