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Outsourcing of accounting services

Most companies today need accounting services. The number of consulting companies offering accounting services in the international market, including in Azerbaijan, is constantly increasing. These companies, operating based on an outsourcing scheme, allow business entities to conduct financial activities without attracting new employees and regular payments. In many cases, companies with their own accounting also benefit from their services.

Outsourcing of accounting is such a form of cooperation in which the specialized partner company is responsible to conduct accounting, and reporting, including undertaking other functions in the field of accounting and tax.

“Accounting.Az” consulting company specializing in accounting outsourcing in Baku offers the following services:

  • Setting Up an Accounting System; 
  • Restoration of Accounting; 
  • Accounting of companies;
  • Accounting Consulting;
  • Accounting Clerkship Service; 
  • Preparation of Financial Reports; 
  • Optimization of Accounting;
  • Inventory Services;
  • Online Accounting.


Ads like “Preparing financial statements” are common, many of them offer low prices. If you want to get a quality service, please contact us. Our employees are professionals in their field. We provide both one-time services and we take regular accounting.

Call +99412 310 09 29 or +99412 598 37 98 and get acquainted us. This cooperation is appreciated.

  • What does this cooperation give you?
  • Accounting system organized in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan 

Not only large companies, but also small enterprises cannot exist without accounting. In business entities, its organization is one of the main elements of the successful development of activities. If you contact us, we will help you set up an accounting system in accordance with applicable law from the first day of your activity.

Sometimes the system setup is not done correctly; as a result, restoration of accounting is required. Other conditions:

  • non-keeping of financial records for a long time;
  • chief accountant replacement who are unable to perform their duties with a new employee;
  • force majeure, such as fire, office building changes, computer database problems;
  • others.

International standards and legislation of Azerbaijan require the accounting process’s continuity. That is to say, if the restoration process is delayed, losses could occur in the form of financial sanctions. If you use our restoration of accounting service, you will not experience such problems. 

Accounting of companies can be outsourced for various reasons:

  • need for additional human resources to solve financial problems;
  • lack of a qualified accountant in a newly established enterprise.

Mistakes lead to financial sanctions. Financial losses can be minimized by entrusting outsourcing companies providing accounting services in Baku to conduct accounting. Our entity presents outsourcing restoration services:

  • accounting;
  • taxes, taxation;
  • personnel accounting;
  • organizational-legal issues.


  • Effective financial system

Consulting company, which plays a crucial role in the market of accounting services in Baku has gained extensive experience in optimization of accounting over the years. This allows us to advise various companies on our service.

Business leaders may feel that accounting costs are excessive. Please contact us for clarification. This experienced consulting company offers you the most affordable and effective accounting establishment. We promise you useful results and the resources’ optimal ratio.

Economical development in Azerbaijan also affects the accounting and tax system efficiency: the legislative framework is being updated, and regulatory documents are becoming more complex. Not only the sole proprietor or the director of a small business trying to do the accounting himself, but sometimes even the most experienced accountants suffer from these changes. Use our accounting consulting service in this situation.

Call back request or write on WhatsApp (+99450 225 82 05), and we will set up an efficient financial system in accordance with international standards.

  • Reliability in accounting information

Numerous economic operations accompany any enterprise’s economy. These transactions must be documented. Remember that initial documents and records’ slightest mistakes lead to severe disputes, leading to long-running lawsuits.

Our employees’ long-term experience allows us to work with any kind of documents in accordance with international standards, and local normative legal acts, and to establish the Practical Bookkeeping Course in accordance with the accounting legislation in Azerbaijan. 

Accounting data’s main quality criterion is its reliability, confirmed by the inventory conducted to monitor the enterprise’s property and liabilities. The inventory can be voluntary or compulsory at the enterprise management’s initiative.

The consulting firm “Accounting.Az,” which focuses on accounting services in Baku, offers its clients impartial, effective, and high-quality inventory services

  • Statements in accordance with IFRS

Every entrepreneur considers necessary the enterprise’s financial position and its activities’ results to a certain date. Financial statements are one of the sources that contain such information. Based on the legal requirements of Azerbaijan, this company creates a full set of your statements, in line with International Accounting Standards (GAAP, IFRS). Contact us for learning about your company’s financial situation. Our professional accountants can prepare of financial reports in accordance with IFRS based on your request.

  • Integration with modern information technologies

“Accounting.Az” company, in partnership with Tecfin LLC, offers online accounting services through the “Hesabat” software, a product of the latter.

As a business owner or other person in charge, you can maintain financial records and report your operations independently thanks to “,” online software for business automation and support. 

A monthly membership is necessary during the interim maintenance time; no additional charges or licenses are necessary. You can quickly, easily, remotely, at any time, from any device, both individually and with the support of our colleagues, produce invoices, record income, and expenses, and carry out other accounting processes.


Our prices

The cost is individual. The enterprise’s activities, stages of work to be done, and financial accounting position affect cost. In any case, the cost compensates for the possible risks associated with its absence or operation violations. 

Please contact us for services, and we will arrange a convenient time for the meeting. Let’s discuss your problems with a cup of tea in our office, find solutions and support the prosperity of your business.