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We are a consulting company with many years of experience in the accounting services area

"Accounting.Az" team consists of the professionals that never forget the growth of your company depends on you. Accounting, tax, personnel accounting experts, auditor that involved in execution of services are the best in the region. Our accounting courses is held by trainers that have teaching skills. Their privilege, experience, competence guarantee qualitive services.

Our working philosophy is simple - doing what is possible, all the time. In this process:

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    We assist in the organization of accounting
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    We save your time, resources, and money!
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    We support economic development of your activity!

It is easy to find us, ''Accounting.Az'' that registered as an accounting service provider company in Baku, is located in a convenient place.

We can create foundation for future cooperations together. Call us, if you want to get any answers about accounting, audit, tax, personnel, law services, and courses in Azerbaijan we offer. We are here with initial free meeting, and sustainable telephone support.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about us and answers

Our name characterizes us: Our main activity is accounting services, but not only this one. We advice on payments to the budget, serve personnel accounting, make declarations, finance and statistical reports. You can also entrust audit work to our specialists. We don’t forget the ones who want to increase qualifications - Our accounting cources in different destinations are for them. Accounting in Baku, regions cannot work without computer. It is possible to learn application methods of information technologies to accounting.

Accounting is a important part of Azerbaijan business environment. Every entrepreneur is busy with daily accounting, and it doesn’t matter the capacity of the business. Accounting helps in recording transactions, preparing tax documents, planning expenses. If your business is new and turnover is small, is it necessary to keep the accountant in staff? Call us if big transactions require to keep in control of financial risks and audit of accounting, tax and personnel accounting. The service package we offer contains large spectrum of accounting, financial bookkeeping, audit and personnel accounting.

Baku accounting school founded in Azerbaijan Republic. That is why most of the education centers are located in the capital. But accounting has a big role of economical improvement in Azerbaijan regions. Considering accounting staff in regions that want to improve their knowledge, “Accounting.Az” offers online courses besides traditional accounting courses.

Firs of all, meet our website’s content. Make a choice among services which is necessary for your accounting. If it is not easy to make a choice, call us. Our specialists are ready to assist with you. Learn about prices, they are profitable, but not the end prices - Accounting is the language of business, accountants are the language speakers. It doesn’t matter who we are, owner-accountant or student-teacher, we all want to improve our business and career. “Accounting.Az” is always with your business.