First of all, thank you for intending to meet us! 

“Accounting.Az” consulting company offers numerous accounting services, tax, personnel accounting, business consulting, audit services to enterprises and individual clients in Azerbaijan. Our office is in a convenient location in Baku.

Our main principle is to consider your requirements while solving problems and always do our best to solve them since our development depends on your problems.

Our company has been operating in the accounting services sector in Baku for more than 10 years. There is no staff flow from us. This is a reliability and security indicator for our customers.

Hundreds of business clients have been using our services for the second decade. The service is constantly evolving, the customer base is regularly updated. New ones replace those who leave: so the process continues. We proudly say that most of our clients cooperate with us regularly and trust us to solve accounting problems arising in economic processes. If you want prompt solutions to problems, call the following numbers without delay:

+994123100929 +994125983798

Our services

“Accounting.Az” consulting company with long-term experience is not just a company that prepares reports. We accompany the business as a whole: we provide a full range of accounting services in Baku, find the activity’s financial and legal weak points, and provide business-legal services. Our employees also:

  • effectively optimize taxes by legal means;
  • implement full tax support in business entities;
  • promptly resolve issues related to personnel accounting by conducting personnel clerkship.

“Accounting.Az” consulting company offers audit services to clients and supports them in skillfully organizing accounting work, reducing costs in business processes, and finding reliable ways to solve problems.

The services include:

  • entrepreneurial activities’ registration;
  • tender documents’ preparation;
  • financial reporting;
  • tax declarations’ preparation. 

This is not a complete list, you can take a look “Services” page.

We can perform the services in your office or outsourced. Our accounting outsourcing service combines a full-time accountant and accounting software advantages. Please contact us if you want to save on an accountant staff, other related fees, and office expenses. Our prices are affordable. If you want, you can calculate it yourself for assurance! Our employees will also help you.

Use our “Call Back” service and save your number.

We will call you!

Our courses

We have not forgotten those new to the accounting sector and those who want to improve their knowledge. Experienced trainers teach the accounting details in the:

  • accounting, personnel accounting courses;
  • training on taxes’ different types;
  • webinars.

 “Accounting.Az” consulting company’s specialists prepared the “Practical Bookkeeping” courses taught for the first time in the Republic. The last participant anonymous satisfaction survey’s average result was 9.5 points (out of 10). Surely, our courses will be the best guide for your development.

If you want to explain the questions in detail, write to our e-mail address info@accounting.az.

We provide a comprehensive answer.

Electronic resources

7 electronic resources prepared by our experts support specialists in solving problems in accounting spheres:

  • Muhasibat.Az – a rich information base in the accounting, tax, personnel accounting sphere;
  • Vergi.Az – answers to questions about taxes;
  • Kadr.Az – a collection of educational information aimed at solving personnel and career problems;
  • Audit.Az – changes in the audit sector;
  • Excel.Az – a group of knowledge about the Excel application directions to accounting work.
  • Finstaff.Az – the country’s only service platform for job seekers in the financial and accounting sectors;
  • Hesabat.Az – an online accounting program for setting up accounting based on cloud technology.

Go to resources, our extensive databases in the accounting field are at your disposal!

Free Consultation

If you have any questions about services and courses, please choose the most convenient tool from the “Contact” page and get a free consultation from us. Our employees will:

  • provide detailed free advice on services, courses;
  • determine a competitive base price for discussion at the next meeting.

A meeting is not a commitment, but the basis for future cooperation.

Confidentiality, mutual respect and responsibility, legitimacy, the guarantee of powers execution, clients’ interests will always be our values.