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How to conduct personnel accounting correctly?

To conduct personnel accounting correctly, it is necessary to know the ever-changing labor legislation, understand the principles of personnel administration, understand the intricacies of the rules of employment and termination of employment contracts, and be able to work in automated personnel information systems.

In addition, errors in personnel administration can lead to penalties and litigation. Therefore, the employer should be careful when drafting personnel documents and make the right decisions.

“” consulting company provides personnel services that allow personnel accounting’s accuracy and possible problems prevention to its clients in the Baku outsourcing sphere for many years. Our professionals constantly monitor all changes in labor legislation and are always ready to give you various advice on labor relations.

By outsourcing personnel accounting operations, you can save:

  • salary expenses;
  • workplace expenses; (personal computer, furniture, stationery, office rent);
  • professional expenses of human resources employees: retraining, seminars, courses, subscriptions, etc.

During the provision of personnel services during outsourcing, the client is responsible for keeping documents; that is, our specialists compile personnel documents (employment contracts, orders, local regulatory acts, etc.), personnel affairs, etc., and hand them over to the customer for permanent storage. You can consult “” company’s employees for the documents storage and further processing (for regular customers – free of charge).

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What is included in our personnel services?

  • Personnel accounting establishment

If you have a new business or are an individual entrepreneur hiring your first employee, it is better to set up the correct personnel accounting with professionals.

Personnel accounting is strictly regulated by law; it is mandatory to conduct it like accounting. Otherwise, be prepared for regulatory authorities’ penalties and sanctions.

If your company doesn’t have a clear personnel accounting system, violations are possible – in this case, a personnel accounting audit will be conducted, personnel documents status and reliability will be assessed, errors will be identified. The next step will be all deficiencies’ elimination according to the applicable standards, personnel accounting organization within the established rules.

We provide personnel accounting services for companies and individual entrepreneurs, regardless of their activity and staff.

You will not need a full-time specialist and monthly salary payment using the outsourcing-based personnel accounting service of “”. Also, your time and costs spent on resolving employee labor claims will be significantly reduced.

  • Personnel accounting

 What is included in the service?

  1. Work on the document registration system
  2. Personnel administration
  3. Local normative rules preparation within the enterprise

Personnel accounting service results within the framework of outsourcing:

  • Conducting correct personnel accounting under the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other legal acts;
  • Timely registration of employment, transfers, as well as the employment contract termination (when the client submits the information on time);
  • Employer protection from the employees, the Labor Inspectorate, and other state bodies’ claims.

Personnel accounting outsourcing will save you from wasting time with personnel accounting such as personnel accounting, recruitment, employment contract transactions’ electronic registration, processing personnel documents, dismissal, transfer, etc., and will allow you to direct resources to the main activity. We are ready to undertake these tasks. You only have to provide relevant information.

Call back or write to us on WhatsApp and let’s make an appointment. Trust your personnel accounting, and focus your time and money on your business.


  • Staff settlements

Payroll, under the Labor Code, tax and withholding legislation is not an easy accounting field. Conducting staff settlements requires high professionalism and experience.

Staff settlements and payroll outsourcing to an outside consulting company specializing in this field is a common, effective way to solve the problem without expanding the company’s in-house accounting service.

Small businesses and large companies can use payroll outsourcing equally and effectively.

For over ten years, “” has been offering staff settlements outsourcing, including payroll service, in Baku. The service is provided in the form of complex accounting services or as part of personnel services as a separate service type.

  • Labor protection

Azerbaijani legislation sets high requirements for enterprises and their managers in the field of labor protection. Safe work right is established in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Article 35), and the employer’s obligations to ensure safe working conditions are established in the Labor Code (Article 215).

This field’s violations lead to administrative and criminal liability, up to the company activity’s suspension, officials’ punishment.

“” offers you labor protection services outsourcing. The service includes the following:

  • Fulfilling the duties and functions of the enterprise’s labor protection service (more than 50 employees) or labor protection inspector (less than 50 employees);
  • Consulting services provision in labor protection. Our employees will advise about the current legal requirements and promptly inform you about changes.
  • Using an external audit to detect the labor code violations and non-compliance of labor conditions with normative legal acts.

You can calculate the personnel services price by contacting us in any way.