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Companies are interested in increasing their competitiveness and market shares. Sometimes internal resources and personal experience are not enough. In this case, consulting services offered by external experts are useful. External consultants or consulting companies help to obtain the missing resources and experience in a short time.

Essentially, consulting is giving advice, but the service does not consist of it. It solves several issues (for example, increasing business competitiveness). In a narrower framework, the consulting service’s example can be solving accounting problems or answering questions on tax legislation.

Consulting companies are specialized enterprises that provide consulting services.

“” consulting company providing consulting services in Baku, offers you its services in the following directions.

  • physical and legal entities registration, registration cancellation, changes in papers;
  • bookkeeping, financial statements preparation, accounting consulting;
  • assurance services on financial reports, accounting data, various audit types;
  • tax audit preparation, tax declarations, tax consultation;
  • personnel documentation, payroll, migration, labor protection;
  • computer use in accounting, 1c, online accounting;
  • patent, trademark, intellectual property documentation;
  • contracts’ preparation, applications, inventory;
  • management, teaching, mentoring, etc.

Service prices are individual, determined based on mutual agreement based on the volume of work and time spent.

Preparation of tender documents

According to the Republic of Azerbaijan’s legislation, purchasing business, services and goods at the expense of state and extra-budgetary funds is called procurement. A tender is a competition for participating in public procurement. These documents’ preparation is the formation and timely submission of the bidding company’s bids in electronic format or on paper. In the competition process, the most efficient package of proposals is selected.

Commercial organizations also announce tenders for various purposes. The process may seem simple and straightforward. However, you may be exposed to various risks if you do not consider certain nuances. It is important to prepare quality tender documents to avoid them and win in the tender.

What is included tender documents preparation services in “”?

  • professional advice on procurement issues;
  • tender documents’ analysis – includes the study of competition conditions, requirements for participants, tender application;
  • tender application, quotation request, and other relevant documents’ preparation.

To prepare the tender documents, “” consulting company’s specialists, firstly, need the competition announcement’s address. After studying the tender documents’ conditions in detail, the participant may also need some documents for the application.

Our work’s result is a fully prepared package of tender documents that meet the client and the law requirements.

Service prices are individual, determined based on mutual agreement based on the volume of work and time spent.

Compiling of loan application

“” consulting company is a team of experienced professionals providing accounting, financial, and tax accounting services within the outsourcing framework. Turning to professionals for loan application preparations greatly increases your chances of getting a loan. Our competent specialists:

  • study the founding and other documents, examine your business’s characteristics;
  • analyze the current financial situation;
  • check the financial statements’ status;

 Our employees:

  • determine the most optimal loan product for your company (secured, cash, factoring, etc.);
  • examine the selected loan conditions;
  • prepare the necessary loan documents package;
  • submit the loan application to the selected bank;
  • contact with the bank’s credit specialists.

After receiving a loan, we can help you with its accounting and tax accounting registration.

Service prices are individual, determined based on mutual agreement based on the volume of work and time spent.

You can get more information about our wide range of outsourcing based services by calling the following numbers:


Documents preparation for obtaining guarantees

Tendering is the only way for many companies representing the small and medium business (SME) segment of entrepreneurship to obtain large orders, especially government orders. It is possible to use a bank guarantee or borrowed funds to avoid diverting money from circulation during participation in tenders. A guarantee is a type of bank’s documentary transactions, and payment guarantees that debt by the bank if the customer does not fulfill his obligations to a third party.

Customers prepare documents for obtaining a guarantee, submit them to the bank, and if the bank considers them suitable, issue a guarantee letter.

The guarantee process’s most serious part is the bank selection having favorable conditions.

  • When choosing a bank that can provide a bank guarantee, considering our client’s capabilities and conditions, our specialists initially conduct the company’s express diagnosis based on the financial reports study, field instructions and other documents.
  • Then we select the appropriate bank for the task, prepare the application and guarantee documents according to its requirements.

As a guarantor, we choose one of the reliable partner banks with which our company has cooperated for a long time. Therefore, the operation’s most difficult part, negotiations, are carried out at the decision-makers’ level. This close interaction allows “” to get a bank guarantee for the client under optimal conditions, a relatively low-interest rate or a longer term.

“” consulting company never makes unrealistic promises: we consider risks, business structure, security parameters during analysis, and try our best in every case.

Service prices are individual, determined based on mutual agreement based on the volume of work and time spent.

Mentoring services

Our service has the following types:

  • accountants training;
  • accountants retraining;
  • career development support in the accounting, tax, personnel accounting sector.

You are surely more interested in the service format, it is compatible with the work schedule, the professional skills’ existing level. We carry out mentoring activities in the following formats:

  • offline;
  • distance learning (online);
  • blended learning (combines traditional learning and the use of media).

Write us your requests on the website’s “Contact” page. You can also apply in person, it is convenient to come to our office located in Baku.