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Registration and cancellation of entrepreneurship

According to the Azerbaijan legislation, any economic activity must be registered as an individual person (individual entrepreneur) or a legal entity carrying out an entrepreneurial activity without creating a legal entity. Legal and individual people’s registration is a process that requires certain skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is better to turn to professional specialists in their fields to save time, money, and nerves on learning the Azerbaijani legislation, the registration process’s all stages.

“” consulting company’s specialists will help you to decide about your activity’s organizational and legal form, compare all points and explain their positive and negative aspects in detail.

What services do we offer?

  • individual entrepreneurship’s registration, obtaining TIN (individual people complying with Article 33.4 of the Tax Code);
  • individual’s tax records’ cancellation;
  • heads’ registration of family farming;
  • land owners’ registration;
  • providing information on the special tax regime’s application (Article 99.3 of the Tax Code);
  • individual’s re-registration;
  • preparation and registration of documents package for commercial organization’s state registration;
  • e-registration of local investment LLC;
  • foreign branches and representative offices’ registration;
  • information presentation on the special tax regime application for legal entities;
  • obtaining a registration certificate;
  • amendments to the constituent documents and their registration;
  • information preparation about the reorganized legal entity;
  • tax accounting of branches and divisions;
  • registration at the taxpayer’s location, activity suspension, removal from tax records, state registration’s cancellation;
  • obtaining a certificate-duplicate, opening a bank account;
  • taxpayer registration for VAT purposes, registration cancellation;
  • cash register’s registration and deregistration;
  • other registration services.


Service prices are determined based on your order and mutual agreement. We refund the registration costs if you entrust the accounting service to us. 

We recommend calling +99412 310 09 29 or +99412 598 37 98 to insure yourself against possible mistakes by taking on the paperwork yourself.

We prepare migration documents quickly and without errors.

Several issues arise during the migration documents’ independent preparation, and the wrong solution can lead to unexpected consequences. You will have lost time, effort, and money.

We will:

  • help determine the relevant migration documents’ content;
  • fill out the applications correctly and promptly, collect all the necessary documents on your behalf;
  • tell you where and when you need to present and receive the documents in person.

At the same time, we will accompany you during the necessary procedures’ implementation under administrative regulations.

An employer intending to hire a foreign employee often faces labor law issues related to the foreign citizens’ official registration and cooperation with them. Is hiring a lawyer’s staff necessary when the company hires foreigners? Sure, not! Suppose you entrust “” with the migration documents’ preparation for workers coming from abroad. In this case, you will receive one-time free advice from our professional accountants on all aspects of foreigners’ employment!

What does our intellectual property right documentation service cover?

  1. An audit to ensure that the client does not violate others’ intellectual property rights; 
  2. Intellectual property contracts’ preparation and analysis;
  3. Dispute resolution.

Our experts have relevant knowledge and experience in the right protection activities. We assist in obtaining documents such as patents, certificates, trademarks’ registration, advise on licensing, franchising, intellectual property rights agreements’ transfer, analyze and draft agreements.

Write to WhatsApp (+99450 225 82 05) or Call back for more information!

Patent, trademark documentation service

“”, which successfully defends the clients’ interests in the outsourcing services sphere, offers you the following services:

    • trademarks acquisition;
    • appropriate documents’ preparation to protect copyrights, patents, and trademarks;
    • trademarks registration, claim documents’ submission for trademarks;
  • trademarks search, agreements on acquiring trademarks;
    • patent registration documents, applications and agreements’ preparation, complaints submission;
  • agreements preparation for licensing and rights transfer.

Since there are differences in registration and documentation processes, it is better to contact our professional experts.

All services are provided based on the cooperation agreement. We guarantee confidentiality under the law.

Go to our “Contact” page, and write us to determine the patent, trademark documentation service’s price, and execution period.

We are proud of protecting intellectual property and respect for human creativity!