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How to conduct tax accounting? 

In business entities, tax accounting can be conducted separately or as part of accounting. The company’s employees or external specialists conduct the accounting.

When outsourcing accounting and taxation, the main term is the reliable company choice that guarantees the service quality and can prevent various problems in the business process (for example, unjustified audits, various penalties, and sanctions, closing accounts, etc.).

“”, specializing in outsourcing services in Baku, has been offering professional accounting and tax services to clients for many years.

Our employees are experienced and competent accountants who offer clients the most cost-effective tax solutions. In addition to tax accounting, our company provides the following services:

  • Tax consultation;
  • Preparation of tax declerations and reports
  • Tax planning;
  • Preparation for tax audits.

Setting up an accounting system and accounting of the enterprise requires knowledge and skills in accounting, tax systems, Azerbaijani legislation, etc. Other specific features (related to foreign offices, branches) should not be overlooked.

If you want to clarify the tax legislation’s dark areas and solve your tax problems by passing underwater rocks, call +99412 310 09 29 or +99412 598 37 98 and discuss the cooperation terms.

Our tax services protect you from penalty and sanctions.   

You may need to consult with experts in the following cases:

  • to evaluate the agreements’ tax consequences or to realize the transactions’ tax accounting;
  • to choose the optimal management scheme according to taxation;
  • when you received a summons from the State Tax Service, your enterprise’s employees were summoned or a tax audit was scheduled, and you want to assess the inspectors’ actions’ legality;
  • for questions about the tax legislation application.

Our tax consulting service includes:

  • tax consulting services’ provision on the Tax Code application in specific situations;
  • recommendations’ preparations to determine the best payment solutions;
  • providing advice on accounting or tax accounting, reports, including tax declarations, answering questions about the Internet tax administration;
  • representing the individuals and legal entities’ interests who have applied for tax consulting services in the State Tax Service authorities and other institutions.

Tax planning is legally managing tax payments method cost-effectively under the Tax Code. Having the right information or engaging a competent specialist, it is possible to choose the right strategy and reduce the amount of taxes, duties, and other mandatory payments.

Planning is based on the principle “Non-prohibited everything is legal”, which means that every taxpayer has the right to use all methods allowed by law, including loopholes in tax legislation, to reduce tax liabilities. In other words, a tax planning service is a legal way to reduce tax payments using legal methods, including tax benefits.

For a competent expert in the tax services market in Baku, contact “” consulting company specialists. You can save money without breaking the law with us.

If the taxpayer conducts a tax audit every year, calculation and payment error probability are small, so audit preparation will not take much time. 

Otherwise, if such an audit is not carried out, it is necessary to prepare for tax inspectors’ arrival carefully. A list of issues to consider in tax audits preparation is extensive:

  • documents on tax benefits;
  • expenses’ documentation (especially large amounts);
  • invoices, electronic receipts;
  • VAT accounting mechanism:
  • correct cost accounting;
  • income legality deducted from the tax base for profit tax;
  • tax payment accuracy for individual structural units;
  • documents availability confirming tax benefits during settlements with employees;
  • examination of the counterparties’ composition according to the risky taxpayer’s status.

This is not a full list, however, the above will prevent the additional tax payments by inspectors.

Write to WhatsApp (+99450 225 82 05) or use the “Call back” service. We will contact you, make an appointment, and determine the tax audit preparation!

Is it necessary to prepare tax reports?

Sure, every individual or legal entity is obliged to do this. However, the answer of “Who should entrust this?” requires a little research: not every accounting enterprise (especially a self-taught accountant) can guarantee the tax returns’ quality and timely submission.

“” offers clients the reports prepared for the State Tax Service in two services:

  • financial statement preparation service;
  • reports and declarations preparation service.

The first is offered to clients as part of “Accounting Services”. The second service means that:

– you do not operate, submit a report to the state tax authority, or;

– you do the basic accounting yourself, you need help in submitting reports and declarations.

Our outsourcing company is ready to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports and declarations based on your primary accounting documents and submit them to the State Tax Service authorities. Our professional team can also prepare applications, information, and references for submission to state tax authorities.

Your activity’s legal form and the current taxation regime determine the accountability content. We deliver reports ahead of time, without penalties or objections.

Remember, tax reports and declarations not submitted on time mean additional costs and financial losses such as penalties and sanctions. They may lead to criminal liability (intentional tax evasion)! We guarantee risk-free and penalty-free business!

Enter the “Contact” page, choose the communication method you want. Our professional employees are always with your business!