Frequently Asked Questions

Ən çox verilən suallar
  • Do business owners often use external accounting experts?

The level of service usage of external specialists (accounting outsourcing) in accounting is quite high in Europe and the USA. By outsourcing various segments of tax reporting and accounting to professionals, they can focus on their core business. Thus, 86% of small and medium-sized companies in Europe, 92% in the US and 96% in Israel turn to outsourcers specializing in accounting, tax and personnel records. According to statistics, 18% of large companies, 5% of medium-sized enterprises and 60% of individual entrepreneurs in neighboring Russia use accounting outsourcing. “What are these indicators in the field of accounting services in Baku?” if you ask, based on our experience, we can say that business entities in Azerbaijan regularly entrust accounting functions, primarily profit and tax calculations, to external specialists.     

  • What is the advantage of using external specialists?  

The staff accountant is not paid a single salary. The mandatory state social insurance contributions to the pension fund, unemployment insurance, compulsory health insurance contributions, sickness and vacation benefits are added here. In addition, there are stationary, accounting (for example, 1C) and licenses for other programs, computer amortisation, communication costs. In order to save costs in Baku, the practice of attracting external specialists to perform accounting services (accounting outsourcing) is widely used. In this case, all associated costs are covered by the outsourcing company. By contacting our employees, depending on the service scope, you will save 60-85% of your funds. The released funds can be directed to other economic needs.

  • How are your employees different?
    In a business environment, it is difficult to find top-level specialists, and hiring them is expensive. Paying for continuing education courses for a full-time accountant also means a lot of additional expense. By contacting us, you will be freed from the time spent on staff search and additional costs. Our employees are specialists who have received education in prestigious domestic and foreign educational institutions. They have many years of experience in various business areas. In addition to practical accounting activities, they also work in the scientific field.
  • How is the confidentiality of accounting documents and other information ensured?

Information constituting a commercial secret is protected in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Commercial Secrets”. Protection of data stored on computers is provided by professional specialists, as well as with the help of special programs. The information provided by our partners is not transferred to third parties, for its provision in places such as a corporate blog, the media, your permission is required. We use information about the means of communication, areas of activity, ordered services, courses, account information of the clients with whom we cooperate, only when measuring the service quality, we do not transfer it to third parties.

  • How easy is it to change accountants? Why should I change them? 

If your current accountant provides you with excellent services at a reasonable price, work with them. However, different accountants will provide you with different levels of business advice, and the economic benefits that flow from that advice may vary. If your accountant, unlike us, does not offer you the service type that you need, it is very easy to switch to us. One call is enough! You can also select a different connection type.

  • You offer a lot, are your prices not expensive?

No! We charge a fixed amount for our services. Our prices may not be the cheapest. But often the cheapest is the most expensive in the future. Our services are not expensive. The prices we offer for accounting services in Baku correspond to high quality.

  • Will the agreed price change in a year? 

Affordable pricing does not mean supporting your business at a low cost for the first year and then increasing payment. We want you to become our regular customer who trusts us. The current service cost is fair. If the work volume does not change, in the future we can only talk about normal growth in line with inflation. In the rare event that the accounting services’ volume exceeds what is expected, this may result in a change, but we will discuss this with you. In some cases, if we know what service is in question, we can guarantee payment for more than 1 year.

  • How do you work?

Here’s how we work.

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