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Accounting course in Baku for beginners

One of the most demanded professions is accountant today. Do you want a profession that will ensure your professional development and financial well-being? “” consulting company offers the “Accounting” course for students studying in the field of finance, graduates, and those who choose the accounting sector for their professional career.

Who is our course for?

  • those intending to learn accounting from “0”; 
  • those who are accountants and intend to update their skills;
  • students and graduates planning to get practical skills in the accounting sphere;
  • executives and managers who need an understanding of accounting and tax accounting.

 “Accounting” course’s curriculum covers various accounting aspects:

  • basic accounting concepts – information of active/passive accounts, chart of accounts, balance sheet, other financial statements;
  • enterprise’s tangible assets, their accounting, amortisation calculation, property taxes;
  • monetary and reserves operations, their accounting;
  • intangible assets, their purchase and sale, amortisation calculation;
  • enterprise’s operations on liabilities and equity;
  • settlements with employees, deductions from wages, business trips and vacations;  
  • financial statements preparation, etc.

We provide 10% discounts for our past courses’ students.

The “Accounting” course provides graduates with appropriate skills to work as accountants, assistant accountants, and freelance accountants.

It is possible to manage accounting documents easily! 

Collecting systematized information and documents about accounting objects is a technical task that takes the most time for every accountant. The accounting clerkship conducted by the enterprise’s accounting staff ensures the documents’ collection, circulation, and protection.

“” consulting company offers a Practical Bookkeeping Course, covering the main accounting clerkship aspects. The course materials help in practical training of daily technical work, improving the accountant’s work with current documents. Our specialists teach accounting clerkship in Azerbaijan for the first time.


The course teaches the following in the course for assistant accountants, junior accountants, accountants, and financial service employees:

  • legal accounting clerk regulation’s important aspects;
  • initial accounting documents, ordinary and electronic signatures, e-signature, electronic document concept, clerical work on business registration, electronic registration documentation;
  • banking and cash transactions’ documentation;
  • preliminary documents on purchases and sales, electronic invoices preparation;
  • tax declaration concept, documents processing in BTP
  • tax declarations’ preparation;
  • statistical reports’ processing;
  • personnel documents (employment contract, labor book, labor contracts’ electronic registration, etc.)


This is not a complete list of topics covered in a Practical Bookkeeping Course. You can use the links below for more information!

We will provide educational materials. Practical Bookkeeping Course graduates will receive free 3 months’ consultation regarding the problems that have arisen during work.

We provide 10% discounts for our past courses’ students.

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