Human resources audit

Автор: Huseyn от 20-04-2016, 13:39
Human resources auditHuman resources auditconsist of checking of compliance of company`s documents with the rules of legislation and other legal acts, detection and deletion of errors, prevention of negative results, which can arise due to errors. Human resources audit includes checking of availability and reliability of legal acts of the company, human resources records management documents and personnel orders, filling in of personal cards and personal records of employees. Accounting.Az offers you conducting of qualitative and reliable audit of human resources records management at the reasonable prices. It is given a guarantee of qualitative services conducting by experienced specialists.

Tax audit

Автор: Huseyn от 20-04-2016, 13:39
Tax auditAgainst the background of state policy and constant change of tax legislation every organization needs in reliable protection system – system of tax audit. Process of tax audit creates checking feature of reliability of the tax reports and payments, compliance of reports with requirements of legislation. Any mistake and conscious or unconscious breach of tax laws becomes the reason to fine the company in quantity. Exactly because of this reason conducting of regular tax audit is important for minimization of risks and avoidance of fines. Conducting of tax audit by specialists of Accounting.Az will minimize your tax risks and prevent any pretensions by state authorities against you and your company.

Accounting audit

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Accounting auditAccounting.Az implements services of accounting audit and during its activity have collected sufficient experience due to collaboration with representatives of small and middle businesses from different sectors. Professionalism of auditors allows conduct guaranteed and qualitative accounting, analysis and audit of any company. Timely conducted accounting create conditions for elimination of risk of timely detection existingdefects and reduction of stress.