Accounting consultation

Автор: Huseyn от 20-04-2016, 13:32
Accounting consultationEvery year changes and new regulations are made in the legislation of Azerbaijan. Business owners have to follow and keep up with these changes and regulations. But this is very difficult and sometimes impossible.Exactly because of this reason for businessmen arises a need to apply for accounting consultation.

During the consultation specialists are working with their clients till the complete solution of arising problem. In case of need online-meeting is organized and investigated the ways of solving of client`s problem. Permanent clients can receive consultation by the telephone.

Accounting consultations include:
- Information transfer (reporting)
- Document analysis
- Reasonableanswerstoallarising problems
-Practicalassistanceincompiling reports

Compiling of tax reports

Автор: Huseyn от 20-04-2016, 13:31
Compiling of tax reportsThe need of compiling tax reports arises after registration of commercial organizations and owners at the unified state register. Multifunctional company Accounting.Az – is a team, which consistof experienced accountants specialized in compiling tax reports within long years. Experts are ready to help you in compiling of reliable report of any commercial organization.

Optimization of accounting

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Optimization of accountingIn some cases for taxpayersarises a need for avoidance of payment of compulsory taxes or reducing of payable taxes with methods allowing by law. Accounting.Az offers you to minimize tax payments with completely legal, based on prognosis and efficient methods, with help of experienced specialists.

Conducting of accounting

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Conducting of accountingConducting of the accounting by specialists of Accounting.Az means collaboration with the best specialists of the region at the reasonable prices. Team which consist of experts deal with the solving of problems arising in different spheres of business, such as production, services, trade, construction, different economic activities. Long-termexperienceguaranteeshighqualityservices.

Establishment of accounting

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Establishment of accountingAccurate establishment of accounting is guarantee of successful development of any company. As well as accurate establishment of accounting prevent any pretension to the company from state control authorities. Even the smallest mistake can be the reason of very serious conflicts and, as it is seen from the experience, can lead to the long-continued judicial processes. Exactly because of this reasonestablishment of accounting has to be done by experienced specialist.

Specialists of Accounting.Az are ready to provide comprehensive assistance to clients in compiling of reliable accounting. We offer business owners ordering of accounting reports at the reasonable prices. Implementing of services is performed only by experienced and authoritative specialists.

Confidentiality, mutual respect and responsibility, legitimacy, performance bond and concern of customers are always will be our priorities.