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Specialists of Accounting.Az are ready to provide comprehensive assistance to clients in compiling of reliable accounting. We offer business owners ordering of accounting reports at the reasonable prices. Implementing of services is performed only by experienced and authoritative specialists.

Confidentiality, mutual respect and responsibility, legitimacy, performance bond andconcern of customers are always will be our priorities.

Conducting of the accounting by specialists of Accounting.Az means collaboration with the best specialists of the region at the reasonable prices. Team, which consist of experts deal with the solving of problems arising in different spheres of business, such asproduction, services, trade, construction, different economic activities. Long-term experienceguarantees high quality services.

Human resources audit

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Human resources auditHuman resources auditconsist of checking of compliance of company`s documents with the rules of legislation and other legal acts, detection and deletion of errors, prevention of negative results, which can arise due to errors. Human resources audit includes checking of availability and reliability of legal acts of the company, human resources records management documents and personnel orders, filling in of personal cards and personal records of employees. Accounting.Az offers you conducting of qualitative and reliable audit of human resources records management at the reasonable prices. It is given a guarantee of qualitative services conducting by experienced specialists.

Tax audit

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Tax auditAgainst the background of state policy and constant change of tax legislation every organization needs in reliable protection system – system of tax audit. Process of tax audit creates checking feature of reliability of the tax reports and payments, compliance of reports with requirements of legislation. Any mistake and conscious or unconscious breach of tax laws becomes the reason to fine the company in quantity. Exactly because of this reason conducting of regular tax audit is important for minimization of risks and avoidance of fines. Conducting of tax audit by specialists of Accounting.Az will minimize your tax risks and prevent any pretensions by state authorities against you and your company.

Accounting audit

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Accounting auditAccounting.Az implements services of accounting audit and during its activity have collected sufficient experience due to collaboration with representatives of small and middle businesses from different sectors. Professionalism of auditors allows conduct guaranteed and qualitative accounting, analysis and audit of any company. Timely conducted accounting create conditions for elimination of risk of timely detection existingdefects and reduction of stress.

Preparation of contracts

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Preparation of contractsJurists of Accounting.Az offer you preparation and checking of contracts regardless of the kind. It is given a guarantee that contracts comprised byqualified jurists will not the reason of any problems in the future. In many cases after preparation of the contract about debts arises anxiety on the subject of refusal to pay debts by debtor or finding a way for non-payment of debt on legal grounds. In the contracts entrusted to specialists of Accounting.Az you are insured against such problems.

Liquidation of organizations

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Liquidation of organizationsLiquidation of organizations is considerably difficult and tiring process than their registration. Not every jurist has a knowledge which is needed during the liquidation of organizations. The issue of liquidation of organizations can arise because of debts and other reasons. Regardless of reason of occurrence, jurists of Accounting.Az with long-term experience offer you to solve issue of liquidation of organizations in a short time and completely within legal boundaries. Entrusting liquidation of the company to specialists, you will be free from problems in a very short time and at the reasonable prices.

Changes in legal documents

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Changes in legal documentsSometimesduringthe possessory activityarises the necessity of changing the structure of business. This necessity arises for effective development and acquirement of competitionforce of business. Experienced specialist and jurists of Accounting.Az offer you to make necessary changes in legal documents as a consequence of improvement occurred in the legislation and for development of business. Entrusting changes in the legal documents to us you rise in your business without spending additional time and energy.

Registration of natural persons

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Registration of natural personsOne of the main problems ofmost people, decided create a business, face with is issue of registration of natural persons. Process of registration of natural persons is a boring process for businessmen. Specialists of Accounting.Az offer you registration of personal possession according to legislative requirements. Entrusting the registration issues to specialists, you will be free from spending additional time and energy. Instead of this, specialistswill solve registration issues qualitatively and expertly within short time and at the reasonable prices.

Registration of the company

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Registration of the companyCurrently registration of the organizations is one of the main legal services of Accounting.Az.Entrusting registration of your company to us, you will not face with problems like passing numerous instances, losing your time in queues, collection of documents and unnecessary stress. Registration of the company is very difficult and responsible process and requires availability of corporate juridical knowledge.Exactly because of this reason it is reasonable solving registration issues by the persons who have experience in this sphere. Experienced specialists will render you high qualityguarantee service at the reasonable prices.

Payroll accounting

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Payroll accountingRegulationof systematic calculations with personnel is the importantcomponent part of any business. As for implementing qualitative work it is needed to motivate of employees, receiving of salary is the best motivation. Specialists of our company will conduct calculation of wage fund for organizations with any number of personnel. We canefficiently, transparently and very accuratelycalculate any kind ofallowances, expenses and bonuses used in your organization. Duetocollaborationwithourcompanyon profitable conditions you will be free from responsibility and fines, intended for owners of organizations which give corrupted reports to appropriate authorities as a result of incorrect calculation of taxes and payments from wage fund. In this case difficulty of calculations will not be the reason of rising of the prices of services given by our company. Basic package includes all services necessary for effective conducting of economic activity of your organization.

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